• 28 Oct 2021
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Melting ice caps, dying coral reefs, wildfires, more and more extreme weather events: we’re facing a climate emergency because we’re burning fossil fuels. And yet oil companies keep on drilling for more oil.

Taking on one of the world's most powerful industries is no small task, but when millions of us come together, to stand for what we believe is possible, it sends a powerful message to decision makers.

We are the generation that ends oil.


In 2012, the movement to Save the Arctic began to gain momentum. In just a few short years, more than 8 million people from all around the world had achieved incredible wins. Together, we protected a vast area of the Arctic Ocean from destructive fishing, kicked Shell out of Alaska, and convinced 1000+ political and civil society leaders to endorse a new Arctic roadmap.


But protecting the Arctic is not enough. In 2018, leading climate scientists warned we must halve global emissions by 2030 if we are to avoid some of the most dangerous impacts of climate change. That means using far less oil (especially in transport), leaving oil we know about in the ground, stopping the development of any new oil, and acting fast to embrace solutions.


Already countries like New Zealand, France, and Belize are saying no to offshore drilling. Indigenous Peoples are winning court battles to protect their land and water from oil. As people call for healthier cities with cleaner air, and electric mobility thrives, governments from Norway to China to Japan see the end in sight for combustion engine cars. We can do this.

Join us.