Best Electric Chainsaws Of 2022 - Ultimate Guide

When it comes to chainsaws, there are mainly two types: gas chainsaws and electric chainsaws. The former ones are perfect for those who just use saws to finish some light work, while the latter ones are perfect for those professionals who use saws to do hard work regularly. Generally, gas chainsaws are larger and powerful than electric ones.

However, if you only need a saw to do a little work, you don’t need to pay much for a powerful saw but an electric chainsaw is enough. You can use it to prepare stocked woodpile for your fireplace, trim your bushes and trees, as well as do other landscaping. They are perfect for occasional use. In the following, we listed the pros and cons of an electric chainsaw

The pros:

  • Easy to use – just plug it in a standard outlet, and then trigger it. It is so easy, isn’t it? It holds comfortable and vibrate less.
  • Quiet – When working, they are much quieter than gas chainsaws, not disturbing your neighbors.
  • Safe to use – Because it uses electricity, there is no noxious fumes. It is much safer to use.

The Cons:

  • Not powerful for hard work– If you use an electric saw to do some hard work, you’ll find it is not so powerful. In this situation, a gas chainsaw is your best choice, because they are designed for hard work.
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  • Công tắc kích hoạt lớn với khởi động mềm để khởi động trơn tru
  • Bình chứa dầu lớn với cửa sổ quan sát cho phép người vận hành kiểm tra mức dầu thanh
  • Auto-oiler mechanism ensures the chain stays lubricated, and the oil level indicator window allows you to gauge oil usage
  • 4-year tool and 4-year battery warranty protects your investment
  • 5 year on material and workmanship
  • Product is manufactured in China
  • The package length is 25.146 centimeters
  • The package height is 53.848 centimeters
  • Lightweight design for ease of maneuverability & reduced fatigue
  • Tool free blade tension system for improved ease of use & quick adjustments
  • [FAST, CLEAN CUTS] This cordless 20V PowerShare chain saw is as fast and powerful as anything in its class. And with no gas and no cord, there’s much less muss and fuss
  • [AUTO-CHAIN LUBRICATION] The automatic chain lubrication system not only makes for smoother, more efficient cuts, it extends the life of the tool. And the oil level indicator lets you know exactly where you stand
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Best Electric Chainsaw

We’ve done a lot of research and compiled this list of top rated best electric chainsaws for you to choose from, according to their durability, ease of use, safety, ratings, performance, as well as customer reviews. They are designed for only intermittent use, it is meaningless if you want to buy one for frequent use for hard work.

Makita UC4030A Commercial-Grade 16-Inch 14.5 amp Electric Chain

When it comes to power tools from Makta, it means high quality and great performance. This Makita UC4030A is one of the top rated chainsaws you can trust. Its rating is 4.5 stars. It is easy to use and maintain due to its one-touch blade that is tool-less and the chain adjustments. The grip handles are rubberized, making you feel comfortable when gripping. To protect the motor, it is equipped with a current limiter to reduce any overloaded current, protecting the motor from burning out. It is worth buying.

Husqvarna 316E Electric Chain Saw

This chainsaws features a compact and slim body. It is much smaller than others. However, it also has a powerful motor which is powerful enough for your indoors or outdoors light work. Many users spoke highly of its noise level control and low vibration.

Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12 amp Electric Chain Saw

As a popular model, it even can replace a gas chainsaw in some way. Because of its much more powerful and lighter features, you must be more careful when you are using it. It also includes an oil level window for convenience. The average rating is 4.4 on Amazon and there are 100 more customer reviews. If you plan to buy it, checking these reviews first and you can understand whether you really need it or not.

Makita UC3530A Commercial Grade 14-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw

The Makita UC3530 is another Makita Electric Chain we recommended on this list. It has almost the same features as UC4030A. However, it is much more affordable. It also has an oil reservoir that comes with a view window, so you can easily check its bar oil level.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5 Amp Electric Chain Saw

As one of the top rated and bestselling models on Amazon, this Black & Decker LP1000 balances performance and price very well. The price is less than $100, but it gets a rating of 4.6 stars from 500 more customer reviews. It is affordable and gets the highest rank on this list.

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Chainsaw?

You needn’t be a lumberjack to add a chainsaw to your tool kit. But you do want to purchase the right one for your needs—and that means an understanding of your options. Here’s a primer.

Corded vs Cordless

Whether or not to go cord-free is your top priority decision when it comes to an electric chainsaw. Think about the size of your property and how you plan to use the saw. If you’re felling trees back in the woods, you’ll need a battery-operated saw.; if you’ll be cutting firewood rounds in your driveway, a corded saw will do the job.


When it comes to electric chainsaw sizes, the main difference is the length of the bar. The bar, sometimes mistakenly referred to as the blade, is the part of the saw that supports the chain (which actually does the cutting). Bar lengths on electric chainsaws come as small as 10 or 12 inches (sometimes even shorter from niche manufacturers) and as large as 18 inches.

Small saws are lightweight and easy to use all day. They’re useful for trimming limbs and small trees. They’re also handy on a campsite for cutting firewood to length (where allowed, of course). Larger bars are most helpful for felling trees and cutting firewood. They’re heavier and less convenient for limbing trees than a smaller saw, though. For general DIY use, the sweet spot for chainsaws is 14 or 16 inches.


The power in electric saws is rated by amperages. An amp-rating describes how much power the saw can draw before the internal components will overheat or start breaking down. An 8-amp saw can be considered light-duty, while a 12-amp is for medium-duty work, and a 15-amp is the heaviest duty of electric chainsaws.

Matching your uses to your power needs can help ensure that you’ll enjoy using your saw. Choosing an underpowered saw for cutting up dense hardwood logs will surely frustrate you as it bogs down and overheats. Conversely, using a heavy-duty saw for limbing a fruit tree might be hard on your back due to its increased weight.

Keep in mind that with battery-powered saws, much of the power rating is based on the voltage of the battery used (20v or 40v, for example), not the amp-hour (Ah) rating on the battery. A battery’s Ah rating has more to do with how long the battery will run than the power output. For prolonged uses (felling trees or cutting logs into firewood rounds), a DIYer should look for batteries with higher amp-hour ratings in the 6Ah or 8Ah range. For quick jobs, a 4Ah battery should provide plenty of run time.

Oiling Systems

Bar oil helps the chain run smoothly in the bar’s grooves without overheating. Oiling prevents the chain from wearing out prematurely and the bar from burning from the speed of the chain. It also allows the saw to run at optimal speeds for the fastest cutting.

The most convenient way to go is with an automatic oiler, which will continuously lubricate the bar during use, as long as you remember to keep the on-board reservoir full. Older options include a manual oiler (a thumb-operated plunger that releases oil onto the bar) and, most rudimentary, pouring oil over the bar by hand, but these outdated systems are less likely to be found nowadays.

Chain Tensioning

Chainsaw chains are known to stretch with use, due to a combination of temperature change and centrifugal force. New chains stretch quite a bit due to the same factors as well as simply “breaking in,” and that’s totally acceptable. However, when a chain stretches, it can fit loosely on the bar or even skip off of the bar altogether—annoying, if not dangerous. To account for stretching, chainsaw bars have a back-and-forward adjustment that takes the slack out of the chain. The most easily adjusted models come with tool-less tensioning systems: Simply loosen a knob on the side of the bar by hand, twist the adjustment knob until the slack is gone, and tighten the bar up again—all without pulling out a single hand tool.

Safety Features

Tools are not toys—and any chainsaw can be dangerous if it’s not operated correctly. Fortunately, the same safety features available on gas-powered saws can be found in electric models. Manual chain brakes mounted in front of the grip, keep the user’s top hand protected and allow you to quickly engage the brake by rotating your wrist forward. Some saws also come with clutches that quickly disengage the chain when the trigger is released; this prevents a free-spinning chain from catching the user off guard after the cut. Low-kickback chains are also available.


If you are limited on a budget, you can choose Black & Decker LP1000. If the reliability and performance are at a premium, you can consider Makita UC4030A or UC3530A. Others are also great.

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