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Buyers guide to Cordless Drills

If you really need to do some home improvements tasks, choosing the right power tool is very important; no matter you are professionals or DIYers.

The common tool we might use is a drill. On the market, there are two types of drills: Cordless one and corded one. They all have their advantages and drawbacks. But for most people, cordless drills are their best choice.Compared with corded ones, cordless drills don’t have any twisted cables. And they are all lightweight can compact design which make them perfect for tight spaces.


  • More portable and Flexible
  • Without a trailing cord
  • Compact and lightweight Design
  • Perfect for small spaces

Also the cordless drills have their drawbacks. You need to charge the battery. Once the battery is run out, you cannot work. So at least you should buy 2 batteries for longer jobs. Most Cordless drills on the market include 2 batteries.


  • Less Power than a corded one
  • Battery need to be charged regularly

When you decide to buy a cordless drill, some important features are considered.


The voltages are different from 2.4v to 24v. The higher voltage, the more power and better performance, which means you can do your job quickly. If you tend to high speed drills, you may choose a higher voltage one. Normally the charge on higher batteries last the same as the lower ones. But with higher batteries you will get higher power and increased speed.

If you are not a professional or a serious DIYer, a low voltage drill (12v) is enough. 18+v ones are ideal for serious DIYers and professionals, but you may pay more to get such a powerful tool.


Speed is another aspect we must consider. RPM (rotations per minute) can tell you the speed. When you choose a drill, try to choose one with a wide range of speed settings. And this can allow you do a wide range of tasks.

Chuck Size

Chuck sizes have two types: 1/2 inch and 1/3 inch. The chuck size is the maximum size of a hole you can drill. Generally for average DIYers, 1/3 inch is enough. For serious DIYers or professionals, choosing 1/2 inch size is sise.

Hammer Action

If you need to drill concrete, bricks and masonry, you need to buy one with hammer action.

Something to be considered before buying one

There are so many models of cordless drills, but which is the best cordless drill for you? Before buying one, you need to consider the following things:

1. What will you use it for? This determine the voltage you need

2. One or two batteries? Of course, two is perfect. Look for sets included two batteries/

3. Do you need to drill hard masonry? If so, you need to choose one with hammer function.

4. A quick charger is essential for you? If so, you need to choose one which can be charged full around 30 minutes.

The best advice I will give you is to read some consumers reviews before buying it. To do this, you will finally get what you really want. These reviews coming from people who have used it are valuable. There using experience can help us a lot.

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