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How Much Does Solar Power Cost?

Solar power has been widely used in recent years,but how much does solar power cost? Using solar power has many benefits, such as cutting your electricity bills, reducing carbon footprint of your family. Besides the purchasing cost, the cost of installation and maintenance must be taken into account. Before discussing the cost, first, we need to know “how do solar panels work?”.

Solar panels consist of many solar cells. These solar cells are collected together to convert the sun’s rays into electricity. The electricity generated is in ther form of DC, which can be stored in rechargeable batteries or converted into AC by an inverter. The inverter is not expensive but essential to make the power useful for most appliances at home.

A typical 5 KW solar power systems may cost up to $40,000. You may think the initial input is huge, but it comes to about 25 cents per KWH in the long run. Generally, solar power systems come with at least 5-year warranty if they are installed by a professional. Once they were installed, they can generate electricity for 30 years. And the maintenance cost is low. For most of us, installing such a huge solar system is not practical. We can choose some cheap solar panels. I highly recommend sunforce solar panels. You can choose 5w, 15W, 60W, or 260W. The price is no more than $500. These cheap ones can help you learn how to take good use of solar energy.

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