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How to Choose the Best Baby Swing?

Little babies are prone to be noisy and energetic, which make many parents exhausted. Nursing the baby is not only a job of love but also a job of labor. If you want to calm down your baby and you want to sneak a quick shower, a baby swing is the right choice. There are many baby swings on the market, but which is the best baby swing and what essential features a baby swing must have and can make your baby feel comfortable?

Stability & Safety: Have a wide base and a low center of gravity

Baby’s safety is the first thing we should consider. Of course, it is the top priority. Therefore, first you should check the baby swings to make sure they have a wide base and a low center of gravity, because they won’t tip over if the baby happens to lean in one direction. Also a seat belt is essential like in car seats. If it has a 5-point harness, it is the best. Newborns are prone to wave up. To protect the baby’s safety, hip straps are essential even for newborns who aren’t prone to wiggle a lot.

Variable Speed and Sound

Some babies like to be rocked so that they can sleep slowly, while some babies prefer to a forceful rocking speed. To satisfy the baby’s different needs, it’s better to choose a baby swing which features different speeds, or a different rocking pattern like side to side rocking. Babies are prone to be attracted by the music, so choose a swing which can play different style music at different volumes. And the music can be turned off if necessary. Sometimes babies just need quiet and peace.


Small babies don’t have ability to hold their head up and sometimes they cannot avoid slouching forward in an upright swing. Therefor you’d better buy a baby swing which features at least a newborn recline position and an upright position.

Open Top & Flip-Out Tray.

A fold-up and flip out tray is essential and necessary to a swing, so that you can easily remove the baby from the swing without waking him/her up. The trays are also very useful. They are helpful not to cut the baby’s legs while getting the baby out or in the baby swing. An open high baby swing allows you to easily lift the baby from the swing without worrying about beating the baby’s head on the swing/’s high bar.

There are many baby swings on the market. However, which is best baby swing? Graco’s standard baby swings are very popular and many parents love the very much. They also come with plenty of styles for you to choose from. Graco’s Sweet Peace Swing also offers many styles. You also can consider Fisher Price. Their baby swings are also very good. They provide fun modernizes compared with other traditional baby swings. For exAmpe, they include many enjoyment sounds, such as music and rainforest animals. What’s more, some Fisher Price baby swings can move side to side. The cradle motion can give the baby more relaxing.

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