Lug Nut Covers For Ford F350: Top 10 Picks 2021

We've tested these top-rated Lug nut covers for ford f350 from 6,777 reviews of customers in December 2021, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the Lug nut covers for ford f350 from well-known brands: Wheel accessories parts, Mikkuppa, Venum wheel accessories, Krator, Rdcobra91, Dynofit, Pacific dualies.

Larry McMurtry By, Larry McMurtry
  • Set of 32 high quality forged steel lug nuts 14x1.5 thread with 1 security key for installation
  • One piece construction design is more safely and reliable than two piece designs. Special socket key in every set creates an additional layer of security.This high quality socket made of 40 Chromoly with heat treated to avoid any crack
  • SAFETY STRUCTURE: one-piece design compared with other two-piece design, Anti-cracking off and prevent your wheels from dropping off
  • SPECS: Thread pitch 14x1.5, Overall tall 4.4"(111mm), width 0.9"(23mm), Closed end , 60 Degree cone/conical seat, 1 long Socket key for installation 3/4"(19mm)
  • Includes: 32 Black Spike Lug Nuts +1 silver lug nut key with Pro Shock-Proof Box. 2 years warranty! Contact us by amazon message if nuts missing
  • Anti-Rusting and Anti-Stripped: Forged and Heat Treated SCM 435 Steel(High Strength and Durability), More Automotive Accessories Parts in Our Store(Wheel Spacers/Lift Kits/Control Arms,etc)
  • Specs: 9/16 thread pitch, Closed End Bulge Acorn Spike Lug Nuts,Conical 60 Degree Seat ,19mm (3/4" hex) & 7/8" Hex Size, 4.4" overall length
  • Manufactured with high quality cold forged steel and heat treated for stronger and more durable to meet or exceed OEM Standards. Electrophoresis painting to prolong the rust prevention
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