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Several Ways to Make Pure Water

How to make Pure Water

Even without a water distiller, you can easily obtain 20-100ml distilled water. However, if you would like to drink distilled water at home, you should know how to make distilled water at home. Using a home water distiller to make distilled water is the best choice. It can provide you with at least 4 gallon water a day. However, if you want plenty of liters pure water everyday, a water distiller cannot satisfy your needs.

How to make pure water? In fact, there are many ways to purify water and get pure water. These methods are competing against each other, such as distillation. Reverse Osmosis, and deionization. We will discuss these methods in this post.

Reverse Osmosis water filtration System

Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems use the semi-permeable membrane to filter water. The semi-permeable membrane only allows the clean water to pass through, while the dissolved salts are left. The speed of purification is due to the rate of diffusion. Normally, to balance the solute concentration, water flows through the membrane from the area of low solute concentration to the area of high solute concentration. The pressure is called an osmotic pressure. Reverse Osmosis is just the opposite, which can apply the pressure to reverse the natural flow of solvent. The Reverse Osmosis technology is widely used to pure water, even the sea water. At home, we can use a reverse osmosis water filtration system to purify the water from the tap and get pure water to drink, cook, wash and even water our plants in the garden. The speed of water treatment is faster than other water treatment systems.

Deionization of water

If you want to get deionized water at home, you should buy a water deionizer to do the job for you. How does a water deionizer work? Typically a water deionizer consists of 2 columns. Both the 2 columns are filled with grains of ion-exchange resins. At first, the hydrogen ions will be exchanged against the cations of salts and then anions will be replaced by the hydroxyl group. Finally the water doen’t contain any ions, so we call the water deionized water.

Distillation of water

Distillation is an old technology for water purification. And it happens anytime and anywhere on the earth. In fact, the rain is caused by distillation. Recently, solar distillers are widely used to distill sea water. As we know, there is no more than 2% water on the earth we can use directly. The water shortage has become more and more serious, so we must purify sea water to get fresh water to use. Solar distillers can be used to distill sea water. Most solar distillers are constructed in the dry areas (in the deserts), because we can take a good use of the sun. A large tray-pool is used to hold salt water. Packets are used to collect the distilled water and a transparent roof made of plastic film or glass is used to retain the rising hot air. The outside of the roof is cooled by the cold sea water, and then the water vapor is condensed into liquid water, then water flows down on the inner surface of the transparent roof, finally the water is stored in pockets.

Add healthy minerals to the distilled water

You can use distilled water to wash and you can drink it. Distilled water is ideal for cooking tea or making coffee, because it doesn’t destroy the flavor of the coffee or tea. However, drinking distilled water all the time is not correct. In fact, distilled water is prone to absorb CO2 in the air and finally the PH of distilled water will be below 7, a little acid actually. We all know drinking alkaline ionized water is heathy to us. If you drink distilled water for a long time, your body will be harmed. Therefore, it is a good idea to add some salts to the distilled water. These salts contain many healthy minerals for our body.

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