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Shower Water Filter Buying Guides and Tips

If you have sensitive hair and skin, you may need a show water filter to offer you clean water to wash. Of course, you also can install a whole house water softener or a whole house water filter, but it may be costly and you don’t need to do that. A shower filter is good enough for your sensitive hair and skin.

On the market, there are plenty of different brands of showerheads with in line water filter or built-in waters. Most of them are able to remove chlorine, dirt, as well as odors. Some of them even can change the ph of the water, so the water is softened, just liking using a water softener to soften water. If you want to improve your hair and skin, shower water filters are really a great way to protect you.

Inline water filters

This kind of filters are installed after the shower arm. The shower head and the filter are separated, so you can use your current showerhead without replacing. Although they have a compact design, it will make your showerhead lower than it used to be. Therefore, if you plan to buy one, take this into consideration. For example, if your current showerhead is very low, adding an inline filter will make it much lower and not suitable for taking a shower. In this situation, you may need to relocate your shower arm at a high level, or such an inline filter is not suitable for you. Another way is to install a shower arm extension to solve this problem.

Built-in showerhead filters

This type of shower filters are attached to a showerhead. Both the filter and the showerhead are a water filtration system. Compared with inline filters, there are limited to get because of fewer models available for you to choose. However, you can get the best result because they are specially designed to perform well. Many of them even has several spray patterns and if you like a massaging in your shower, you can choose them. Because of the built-in filter, they doesn’t need extra space and you don’t need to worry about your limited height of your shower arm. Therefore, if your current showerhead is very low and isn’t suitable to install an inline filer, this type of shower filter is your best choice.

When to Buy

Well, where to buy one? Of course, you can find them at your local hardware and home improvement stores. However, the fact is that most stores may only sell 1 or 2 brands and you will feel disappointed about their styles (especially for a showerhead filter). Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy one online. Shopping from online retailers can give you the widest selection. What’s more, there are many customer reviews you can check before you plan to buy one. This can help you know its cons and pros.

One thing you should pay attention to is the replacement costs of the filter. Generally, it is recommended to replace its filter every 6 to 12 months according to the amount of water you may use for taking a shower. In fact, you can choose a low water flow showerhead and this can extend its life.

We’ve choose some of the best shower water filters for you to choose from. Choose one of them and enjoy a happy shower without worrying about your sensitive skin and hair.

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