12 Struts For 2007 Chevy Avalanche 2021 - Best Picks

We have collated a list of top Struts for 2007 chevy avalanche based on their features, price, performance, and major brands such as Monroe, Detroit axle, Acdelco, Unity automotive, Kyb, Newparts, Sensen speedy struts, Moca autoparts. Explore all of these products which are available on our associate site so you can easily find them.


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  • Make it a Hassle Free Repair with All New Components and Eliminate the Need for Specialty Tools
  • Preassembled Suspension Strut Assembly Including Top Mount, Bearing Plate, Bumper, Insulators and Coil Spring
  • Integrity graded with NOK Seals, OEM Spec Spring Seal, Phosphorus Coating and Robotic TIG Welds
  • A complete strut assembly is delivered installation ready and guaranteed to fit the specified vehicle
  • COVERAGE Available for domestic and import passenger cars light trucks and SUVs
  • GET MORE MILES FROM YOUR RIDE Engineered & fit and ride tested to meet OE spec
  • KYB's Heavy Duty MonoMax as a complete strut assembly, from the most trusted name in OEM quality shocks and struts
  • Features an application engineered KYB spring designed to match the strut, maintain proper ride height longer and control weight without sacrificing vehicle ride quality
  • Engineered to help vehicles with electronic safety systems (ESC, ABS, etc.)
  • Exact fitment engineered and pre-assembled for professional results
  • Cross Reference Number: LS33-81011B, 1345555, G57125, SR4079, SR4080, 139104, 181784, Q139104, 11590
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