Top 16 Wheels For 2015 Jeep Renegade Of 2021 - Best Reviews

In this article, we’ll show you the Top Wheels for 2015 jeep renegade based on deep-analysing 11,044 reviews from famous brands, including Touren, Pacer, Supreme suspensions, Oxgord, Rugged ridge, Ezaccessory, Bdk, Sjoybring, Dpaccessories. Furthermore, you can easily check these products on the Internet.



Michael Connelly By, Michael Connelly
  • BENEFITS: Positions your wheels 1 inch outward to correct tire rubbing issues, increase cornering stability, and allow for a more impressive stance. Features Hydraulic Pre-Pressed Studs to help eliminate the risk of vibrations.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 1 Inch Thick, 5x110mm Bolt Pattern, M12x1.25 Studs, 65.1mm Hub Centric Center Bore | NOTE: Spacers are Hub-Centric to ensure the best centered / balanced install.
  • PACK OF 4: Includes two (2) front and two (2) rear hubcaps. OE design to replace the original equipment.
  • NOTE: Please use the wheel size guide to make sure you have the right wheel size for this hubcap
  • These sleek aftermarket rims feature a smooth 5-spoke pattern that tapers out as it approaches the outer edge
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Package Dimensions: 12.2 L x 19.3 H x 18.4 W (centimeters)
  • Included components: wheel spacers
  • 【Fit Vehicle】Fit vehicles of 5x110mm bolt pattern. Your Garage filter is to confirm fitting of your vehicle only, not for the wheels.
  • 【Adapter Specs】2 pieces total; 5x110mm bolt pattern for vehicle; 5x4.5"(114.3mm) bolt pattern for wheel; 12x1.5 studs; thickness 1.25" (32mm); 65.1mm center bore
  • Enhances custom look of the vehicle
  • Limited Manufacturer warranty
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Our seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles including cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Please see our product images for fitment examples. Some additional work may be required to create a ‘perfect’ fit.
  • Complete Fit & Guard – Modern Design Universally Fitting Full Set of 3 Seat Covers and Set of 4 Rubber Mats for Total Protection. Also Included: Standard Size Steering Wheel Cover fits 14.5-15.5".
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Michael Connelly By, Michael Connelly
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