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When do you need to change your Water Filter?

If you have a water filter, do you know the answer to this question: “When do you need to change your water filter?” and you also want to know what affects its life.

Although many water filter manufacturers recommend you to change your filter every 6 month, it isn’t suitable for every family. When to change the water filter depends on many factors. Generally, the manufacturers will tell you how many gallons the filters can deal with. However, it is only a guideline, not a good indicator, because other factors can influence the life cycle.

Many factors may influence the life of the filter.

  • Your overall water conditions, such as contaminants in water and how much water has to be filtered every day.
  • If you are in a hard water area, hard water may cause scale and the scale may clog the filter.
  • How much water do you need every day? More than average, shorten the life. Less than average, prolong the life.
  • How well the water is treated or filtered.
  • If you find the filter becomes clogged and cannot attract contaminants and particles, it is time to replace it with a new one, because an ineffective one cannot provide you with clean water.

There are many signals to help you find when the filter is useless.

  • Water smells an odor.
  • Water tastes unpleasant.
  • Water pressure decreases day by day.
  • Filters with clear containers will be a good indicator to tell you the filter is dirty.
  • The volume of the filtered water has exceeded the maximum volume water recommended by manufacturers.

Replacing water filter on time can make your water filtration system working effectively. It is highly recommended that it is a good idea to have a back-up filter on hand. There are many models on the market. You can choose the brand same as your water filtration system.

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By, Maria Lebsack
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